This is a parton education program developed by the Accord and rolled in December 2010. The idea was to increase patron awareness that it is an office to remain within 50 meters of a venue once asked to leave. Typically our member venues are frequented by international tourists and young adults 18-25, two groups who are generally not familiar with liquor licensing laws in NSW. This program has seen continued success in moving people away from venues and minimising the 'Closing Time' effect of patrons hanging around residential areas, thus increasing the quality of residential amenity around larger licensed venues.



This was an opportunity for local Licensing Police to directly address guards and managers employed by member hotels in a non-work environment. It allows Licensing Police to outline the expectations and responsibilities of the key stakeholders and security staff of licensed premises in the Accord area.



In early 2011, the Accord received a variety of feedback from local residents relating to the operations of Licensed Venues and its negative impacts to residential amenity in Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach. As an Accord, the Members ratified a number of 'Terms' of License which set a code of practice which all venues in these areas needed to follow. The terms relate to litter, noise and attire, whilst also implementing a common, uniform barring policy accross all venues. In doing so, the Accord Venues acknowledge their place within dense residential areas and use the ratification of these terms as commitment to positive residential and commercial amenity within the community.

In April 2012, the Accord also ratified new terms that restricted the presence of OMCG groups in licensed venues in the Accord area.



The Accord employed Barrington's Group Training to come in and address staff from our Member Venues in what to do in the event of an Armed Robbery. This informative session provided Member Venues with a formal setting and certified course to address the ever-present issue of armed robbery in Hospitality, and allowed staff to understand the correct protocol and procedure if this crime affected them in the future.


President: Adam Purcell
Secretary: Rebecca Ackland
Bondi Junction Representative: John Purkis
Bondi Beach Representative: Rachel Duffy
Double Bay, Rose Bay
and Paddington Representative:
Peter Tate
Licensing Police: Sergeant Pete Bolt
Leading Snr Constable Jamie Zahra
Snr Constable Rob Pazderka
Constable Angus Franks