Alcohol Prohibited Areas
'Paper Bag' Education Project

Beach and park lands within the Waverley Municipality are designated Alcohol Prohibited Areas. The consumption of alcohol in those areas is not permitted. This ensures the beachfront and park environments are enjoyed by all without the adverse effects of the misuse and abuse of liquor.

With many visitors and tourists frequenting the area during summer months it is important that these regulations are well known.

From December 2014, all licensed venues within the Waverley municipality with the capacity to provide takeaway liquor sales will package relevant products using 'paper bags' designed to reinforce the message that the consumption of liquor on Bondi beaches and parks is not allowed.

The education campaign will be further enhanced through posters that provide the key message translated into languages common to overseas visitor groups.

This project supplements Police and Council enforcement of these regulations which includes seizure of liquor and / or 'tip out' powers.

With the community, the Eastern Suburbs Liquor Accord supports Bondi beaches and parks being enjoyed by all free of alcohol consumption.

For those persons wishing to consume liquor responsibly in the Waverley municipality a tremendous variety of outstanding restaurants, hotels and clubs are found within the local area. A list of all ESLA member venues, that develop and support projects like this, are found listed on this website.

The project will run during the festive and new year period.



President: Adam Purcell
Secretary: Rebecca Ackland
Bondi Junction Representative: John Purkis
Bondi Beach Representative: Rachel Duffy
Double Bay, Rose Bay
and Paddington Representative:
Peter Tate
Licensing Police: Sergeant Pete Bolt
Leading Snr Constable Jamie Zahra
Snr Constable Rob Pazderka
Constable Angus Franks