• Members acknowledge the need to minimise harm associated with misuse and abuse of liquor (including harm arising from violence and other anti-social behaviour).

  • Members acknowledge the need to encourage responsible attitudes and practices towards the promotion, sale, supply, service and consumption of liquor.

  • Members acknowledge the need to ensure that the sale, supply and consumption of liquor contributes to, and does not detract from, the amenity of community life.

  • Members acknowledge the need to promote safety and positive perceptions about the precinct in which they are located.

  • Members acknowledge the need to foster strong community relations and as such will proactively engage with local residents over issues of concern.

  • Members acknowledge that they represent the partnership that is the ESLA and as such will strive to ensure that their actions and the operations of their respective businesses will reflect the values stated here.



The ESLA encompasses the Waverley and Woollahra municipalities bounded by suburbs such as: Rushcutters Bay, Paddington, Woollahra, Double Bay, Rose Bay, Watsons Bay, North Bondi, Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction, Bronte, Tamarama and Waverley. Over 450 licensed venues are contained within the Accord area including, hotels, clubs, entertainment venues, bottle shops, restaurants, cafes, theatres and function premises. 

The area hosts a high density of residential population coupled with many kilometres of premium Sydney harbour foreshore and the world famous Bondi Beach. Due to the many natural attractions a continual influx of international tourists and visitors are experienced all year round. With a patronage background such as this, venue operators are challenged to create an enjoyable and safe hospitality experience whilst balancing the need to ensure the amenity of community life for residents.

To assist with such challenges faced, the ESLA provides the forum where local licensees can collaborate with specialist Licensing Police, Local Government representatives and other involved stakeholders. Meeting quarterly, licensees are furnished with a wide variety of information. Emerging issues are explored, education and best practice strategies disclosed, up-to-date regulatory information provided and problem solving undertaken.

Funded through membership fees and sponsorship, the ESLA has been able to proactively undertake projects specifically tailored to impact issues affecting member premises and the local community. The ability for the ESLA to respond effectively and in a timely manner provides assurance to member licensees that community expectations are met and often exceeded. This reinforces positive perceptions of member venues.

Member email bulletins, necessary contacts, professional networks, compliance and regulatory advice are all features that further add to the value of membership.

The ESLA is committed to developing sound operational and administrative practices that not only support but enhance the individual business vision of member licensees and their respective venues.


President: Adam Purcell
Secretary: Rebecca Ackland
Bondi Junction Representative: John Purkis
Bondi Beach Representative: Rachel Duffy
Double Bay, Rose Bay
and Paddington Representative:
Peter Tate
Licensing Police: Sergeant Pete Bolt
Leading Snr Constable Jamie Zahra
Snr Constable Rob Pazderka
Constable Angus Franks