Accord Terms

Accepted terms to be adopted by the Eastern Suburbs Liquor Accord
Under Section 134 of the Liquor Act 2007:

1)      ESLA member venues prohibit patronage derived from commercially operated ‘party busses’ or similarly marketed ‘pub crawl’ commercial operations beyond 10.30pm on any given night.

2)      ESLA member venues adopt the following dress standard from 9pm on any Thursday, Friday and Saturday night: Patrons dressed in high visibility work attire are not permitted within the general / main bar areas of a premises.

3)      ESLA member venues adopt a ‘common barring policy’. That is, a patron will be excluded from a member venue in accordance with time frames set by the Accord, for relevant infringements, listed within the Eastern suburbs Liquor Accord Exclusion Schedule.

4)      ESLA member venues will, at a minimum, conduct litter patrols of streets bordering a member venue and the immediate vicinity. Such patrols will take place intermittently during trading  hours with the final patrol conducted at the cessation of trade.

5)      ESLA member venues located within close proximity of residential precincts will cause a notice to be erected near any principle entranceways to the premises stating: “Upon leaving please respect local residents by minimising noise.” The sign will be erected in such a manner that it would be reasonable to expect that a person leaving the premises would be alerted to the contents of the notice.

6)      The Licensee must ensure that no person wearing any clothing, jewellery or accessory, that displays (a) the name of any of the following organisations: Bandidos, Black Uhlans, Coffin Cheaters, Comanchero, Finks, Fourth Reich, Gladiators, Gypsy Jokers, Highway 61, Life and Death, LoneWolf, Mibshitters, Nomads, Odins Warriors, Outcasts, Outlaws, Phoenix, Rebels, Hells Angels, Scorpions, Notorious, Muslim Brotherhood Movement, Mongols; or (b) the "colours", club patch, insignia or logo of any of the organisations specified in (a) above; or (c) the "1%" or "1%er" symbol; or (d) any image, symbol, abbreviation, acronym, or other form of words which indicate membership or association with any of the organisations specified in (a) above; be allowed entry into, or be permiteed to remain on the licensed premesis.

 7)    The following trade days are considered 'hallmark days' in which the Eastern Suburbs Liquor Accord Voluntary Operation Practices Document Voluntary Operational Practices Document applies:

Australia Day


President: Adam Purcell
Secretary: Rebecca Ackland
Bondi Junction Representative: John Purkis
Bondi Beach Representative: Rachel Duffy
Double Bay, Rose Bay
and Paddington Representative:
Peter Tate
Licensing Police: Sergeant Pete Bolt
Leading Snr Constable Jamie Zahra
Snr Constable Rob Pazderka
Constable Angus Franks