The Eastern Suburbs Liquor Accord is focused on acting within the best interests of the community, working with Waverley Council and Licensing Police to proactively reduce any negative impacts on residential amenity within the Accord boundaries. By working with local residents, it is hoped that the Liquor Accord can continue to address any negative impacts of Licensed Venues within our Accord area. Through a proactive and team-based approach with other community stakeholders, the Accord is focused on maintaining an integral role in the commercial, residential and social appeal of the Eastern Suburbs.

The 10-point plan initiated by our Accord along with Local Licensing Police and Waverely Council insists that, in instances when residential disturbance can be linked to a specific venue, residents contact the venue in question and relay their complaint to management. Our Members are proactive in addressing the complaints of our residents as soon as possible, with an expectation that Licensee/Management will make every effort to address your issues/disturbances. We would also ask that you contact so the Accord is aware of the problem and can monitor progress in addressing it. For a contact list of our member venues, please go here.

The Eastern Suburbs Liquor Accord and Waverley Council have an ongoing commitment to improve the relationships of our Member Venues and residents within our community. For a more detailed outline of the ways in which Residents can address complaints with local Licensed Premises, or for more information, please visit the Waverley Council website for disturbance complaints at:

Furthermore, if any aggrieved residents feel that the process or communication with the related venue has not adequately resolved their issues, then please feel free to contact, where your problem will be addressed promptly.


President: Adam Purcell
Secretary: Rebecca Ackland
Bondi Junction Representative: John Purkis
Bondi Beach Representative: Rachel Duffy
Double Bay, Rose Bay
and Paddington Representative:
Peter Tate
Licensing Police: Sergeant Pete Bolt
Leading Snr Constable Jamie Zahra
Snr Constable Rob Pazderka
Constable Angus Franks